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Frozen Themed Party

Welcome to Arendelle!
Without a doubt, Frozen birthday parties is and will remain forever one of the favorite themes for little girls and for that reason, Queen Elsa is proud to present to you the most special party package ! Come and join her along with her sister Anna , Olaf, Kristoff, Hans and maybe if we are in luck, Sven will show up!!

Care  Bear  Party Package

Olaf's Party Package
$13 per guest
(15 guests minimum)

satin blue tablecloths
( 1 x table )
iced white overlay / runner
( 1 x table )
mismatch clear glass teapot set
( 1 x table )
mismatch clear glass collection teacup & saucer
( 1 x guest )
choice of food or cake stand
( 1 x table )
clear glass dinner or salad plate ( 1 x guest )
silverware set ( 3 pieces )
( 1 x guest )
water goblet
( 1 x guest )

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we;s so hard to decide!!!

Teddy Bear Tea Party

There's gonna be atea party

this afternoon at three.

Two little sisters in fancy dresses

seated under a maple tree.

Wearing wide brim hats

trimmed in wide pink lace,

Their guest id their younger brother

He already has cake on his face.

Three tiny china tea cups

a small pitcher of iced tea,

two little girls busy at play and little brother makes three

One little girl is the hostess

she keeps very busy,

pouring lots of tea and passing cake

The tiny cups are never empty.

They each brought a stuffed toy

to share their cups of tea,

The little girls had teddy bears

The little boy choose a monkey

The children are having a great time

as they sip their cups of tea,

In the wonderful wprld of make_believe

tea served this afternoon at three

~Adine Cathe~

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