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Carousel Tea Party

Every time I hear that familiar sound of a carousel,
my mind brings me warm memories from my childhood.
Asking my mom to go again and again and again
on the merry-go-round was like a ritual and
I'm so glad that the Carousel themed party is one of the most requested ones!!!!!

floorlenght tablecloth
satin overlay/runner,
mismatch teacup & saucer
mismatch teapot set ,
mismatched lunch plate,
matching water goblet
centerpiece themed related
silverware set
(choice of 2 pieces)
clear glass food stands (1 x 6guest)

Images Comming Soon Sign The Tea Party Company

Some other princess tea party themes you may want to take a look: 
Belle, Ariel,Snow White or Aurora !!!!
we's so hard to decide!!!!!

Olaf's Party Package
$18 per guest
(12 guests minimum)

Peace, happiness and joy

is possible

during the time

I drink my tea.

`Thich Nhat Hanh~

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