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Lets Talk About What Food To Serve For Your High & Afternoon Tea Party

Updated: Jul 23

In this post, we'll explore the art of crafting the perfect tea party menu, complete with a curated selection of delectable finger foods and treats that will elevate your event to new heights. Prepare to immerse your guests in a world of culinary delights that perfectly complement the time-honored tradition of tea!

Classic Tea Sandwiches:

Tea sandwiches are the epitome of elegance and charm, making them an essential addition to any tea party menu. These dainty finger sandwiches can be crafted with a variety of fillings, from cucumber and cream cheese to smoked salmon and dill.

For a touch of sophistication, consider using crustless bread and cutting them into delicate shapes like triangles or tea leaves. The key is to keep the portions small and the flavors light, allowing your guests to sample an assortment of flavors without feeling overwhelmed. If doing them yourself it is advisable to place them in the fridge and cut them shortly before the start of the event.

Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam:

No tea party is complete without warm, buttery scones, served with dollops of clotted cream and a selection of fruity jams. Served fresh from the oven, these delightful pastries offer the perfect combination of crumbly texture and delicate sweetness. Traditional flavors like plain or fruit scones work wonderfully, but you can also experiment with unique variations such as lavender-infused or chocolate chip scones to surprise and delight your guests.

Our favorites are just plain scones with a considerble amount of clotted cream and dripping strawberries preserves.....YUM!

Sweet and Savory Pastries:

Incorporating an assortment of both sweet and savory pastries into your tea party spread will cater to a range of taste preferences. Mini quiches, spinach and feta puffs, and bite-sized sausage rolls are sure to please those with a savory tooth. For the sweet side, consider delicate French macarons, miniature fruit tarts, or tiny éclairs filled with luscious cream. The key is to balance flavors and textures, ensuring that each pastry is a delectable bite-sized indulgence.

Delicate Tea Cakes and Cookies:

Tea parties are an ideal occasion to showcase a tempting array of delicate tea cakes and cookies. From the classic Victoria sponge cake to fragrant lemon drizzle cake, there are numerous options to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. For cookies, opt for bite-sized shortbread or delicate butter cookies. Decorate them with intricate icing designs or sprinkle them with powdered sugar for an extra touch of elegance.

Seasonal Fruit Display: To add a refreshing and healthy element to your tea party menu, include a seasonal fruit display. Arrange a beautiful assortment of fresh berries, sliced melons, grapes, and other seasonal fruits in an attractive presentation. This not only provides a lighter option for guests but also adds a burst of color to the table, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Remember to pay attention to presentation, as the visual appeal of the spread adds to the overall ambiance of the tea party. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand affair, the art of tea party planning lies in the meticulous details that enchant and captivate your guests.

So, brew your finest teas, set the table with grace, and let the aromas of delightful treats fill the air.

The tea party you host will not only be an expression of your hospitality and creativity but also an event that leaves a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to attend.

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