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How To Host An Unforgettable Tea Party

Updated: Aug 3

Hosting a tea party can be a delightful and sophisticated way to gather friends, family, or colleagues for a memorable experience but sometimes putting it together can be a little stressful.

So to make it more manageable here are few tips:

First pick a theme. Here are some ideas

Classic English Tea Party: Emphasize the traditional British afternoon tea experience with delicate teacups, scones, clotted cream, and finger sandwiches.

Garden Tea Party: Encourage hosting the tea party outdoors in a beautiful garden setting, incorporating floral decorations and refreshing herbal teas.

Mad Hatter / Alice in Wonderland Tea Party: Draw inspiration from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" with quirky and colorful decorations, mismatched teapots, and unconventional treats.

Vintage Tea Party: Celebrate nostalgia with vintage teacups, lace doilies, and a selection of classic teas from bygone eras.

Holiday Tea Party: Tailor the party to a specific holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's Day, by incorporating seasonal decorations and themed treats.

Select the tea party menu ( do not forget the drinks) !

Think about some activities:

Tea parties are not just about sipping tea; they also provide an opportunity for guests to engage in enjoyable activities that add to the overall experience. Here are some delightful activities to consider incorporating into your tea party:

Tea Tasting: Arrange a mini tea tasting session where guests can sample different tea varieties. Provide a selection of teas like black, green, oolong, and herbal, along with information about each type's unique characteristics and origins.

Hat Parade or Fascinator Making: Encourage guests to wear fancy hats or fascinators. You can even organize a hat parade where guests show off their stylish headwear, or provide materials for guests to create their own fascinators during the party.

Tea Leaf Reading: Arrange for a tea leaf reader or have a DIY tea leaf reading station. Guests can have their fortunes told by interpreting the patterns left by tea leaves at the bottom of their teacups


Tea Party Games: Introduce classic tea party games like "Musical Chairs," "Pass the Teacup," or "Tea Party Bingo." These games add a touch of fun and friendly competition to the event.

Tea Trivia or Quiz: Create a tea-themed trivia or quiz game to test your guests' knowledge about tea history, tea facts, and famous tea quotes. Offer small tea-related prizes for the winners.

Tea Crafting Station: Set up a craft corner where guests can decorate their own tea mugs or create personalized tea bag holders as party favors.Also activities like tea-staining paper to create vintage-looking stationery or making handmade tea-themed greeting cards are a huge hit among guests


Tea Etiquette Lesson: If your guests are interested, provide a short tea etiquette lesson, sharing tips on proper tea party manners and serving techniques.

Tea-inspired Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with tea party props like oversized teacups, teapot hats, and elegant fans. Guests can take fun and memorable pictures to cherish from the event.

Tea Pairing with Treats: Organize a tea and treat pairing session, where guests can explore how different teas complement specific types of treats or desserts.

Book Exchange or Reading: For book lovers, consider having a tea party book exchange or reading corner. Guests can bring their favorite tea-related books to share or read passages aloud.

Remember to consider the preferences and interests of your guests while planning activities. Some guests may prefer a more relaxed tea party with casual conversations, while others may enjoy a mix of structured activities and socializing. The goal is to create a warm and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can have a wonderful time while savoring tea and treats

Tea parties are not an every day event but if you follow at least some of our guides, surely your party will have great success!

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