The Tea Party Company
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clear vintage glassware  The Tea Party C
Clear Vintage Glassware  The Tea Party C

Vintage Clear Goblets

 $ 2.00

100 + in stock

Special instructions: hand/machine wash

Colored Glassware Pink The Tea Party Com
Colored Glassware Smokey Brown The Tea P
Colored Glassware Amber The Tea Party Co
Colored Glassware Dark Green The Tea Par
Colored Vintage Glassware The TEa PArty
colored glassware green The Tea Party Co
colored glassware cobalt blue The Tea Pa

Vintage Mismatched Colored Glass

 $ 2,00

green, red, cobalt blue,pink,yellow,brown purple, amethyste & white

Mismatched Flute Collection Glassware  T

Mismatch Toasting Flutes

$ 1.50

100+ in stock

Special instructions: hand/machine wash

Basic Clear Glassware  The Tea Party Com

Classic Glassware

$ 1.00

Water goblets,Champagne flutes, red wine, white wine.

Inventory: 150+ each style

Special instructions:hand /machine wash.

If you are cold,

tea will warm you;

"If you are too heated

it will cool you:

If you are depressed,

it will cheer you:

If you are excited,

it will calm you.

~William Ewart Gladstone~

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