The Tea Party Company


Hi, Hola, Bienvenidos!!!!

Welcome to my website!!!!

My name is Diana.

I am from Colombia 

I live in Tampa, sunny Florida. 

I have a blissful marriage.

I have 3 wonderful boys.

               I own a business.                

2015 will be known as the year I officially launched The Tea Party Company into the business world even though it's been on the "making" for the past 5 years.

In all this time I visited countless  flea markets, state sales, garage sales, thrift stores, auctions and everything in between to the point of driving my husband crazy. 

Thinking about porcelain & china turned to be my obsession, 

but because of this so called obsession I am the proud owner of an awesome collection of china that includes, teacups & saucers, teapots, tea sets and also I am very lucky to include few antique pieces . 

Its been a wonderful experience of trial & error, a roller coaster of learning so many things that I did not know before.

like  how to start a website from scratch, 

how to make presence on social media,

how to do quick books,

how to make cakes, cupcakes, popcakes and everything with the word cake in it. 

Crafts that never crossed my mind are the daily bread in my house.

The  list is endless but so rewarding at this point when I look back and see all the things I have accomplished ( and to think how much I hated the noons at my school for making me learn crafts!!!!)

I even became an event planner through an online class just because I felt that I needed to be prepared in every aspect of the business and currently I am trying to enroll in a community school program in my home town  for a welding 101.

How much fun is that!!!!

I guess this will give you a notion of what I am and what this adventure is all about.






I had a little tea party

this afternoon at three

it was very small

three guest in all

just I, myself  and me

myself ate all the sandwiches

while I drank up  the tea;

It was also I who eat the pie

and pass the cake to me

~Jessica Nelson North~

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