The Tea Party Company


Are you organizing a tea party?

Maybe a bridal shower tea party?

What about a baby shower or a birthday party?

A mother & daughter tea party or perhaps a fundraising tea party?

The occasions seems endless and

The Tea Party Company

is your ONE stop shop, for all your rental needs. 

From tables and chairs up to more exclusive pieces of furniture!

Here you can find an extensive and unique array of accessories to create a magnificent event.

ANY type of event!!

We have for rent all you can possibly need for a tea party whether is tea pots, tea cups &  saucers, salad and lunch plates and also sandwich platters.

We have them in mismatched/matched china, some of them are really vintage gems.

We also offer a big selection of white china and an elegant  bridal china.  

Our assortment of clear & colored glass is huge 

and it will complement just perfectly your dreamy soiree.

If you want to add a more elegant touch

we have pretty silver plate tea sets and trays.

Dressing up your table will be  easy


our  matching or mismatching gold and silver cutlery

With a wide potpourry of linens that include lace and velvet table clothes, hand made crochet doilies and vintage napkins,  elegant cake & cupcake stands in a variety of materials and colors, tiered food stands


decorative props & accessories.

We can achieve that vibe you are looking for:

eclectic, whimsical, vintage, boho, rustic,,,

if is in your mind, we will bring it to life. 

Themed parties are a special thing here.  

We do love them


have developed few that we believe will pair perfect with a tea party.

If you are ready to take your guests on  a journey down  the rabbit hole


you'll fall in love with our collection of centerpieces and decor for a special 

Alice in wonderland tea party.

  masquerade ball, steampunk Victorian,

pearls & lace or  hats  and gloves retro/vintage style

are always

in high demand for  ladies luncheons and fundraising tea parties.

For a tea party French style,

Parisian decor with pinks  and black and gold or

Marie Antoinette are always a hit.

  Princes & princesses  are a must for little ones along with fairies and gnomes

in a far, far away magic forest land

or maybe trains with their wagons full of candy!!!!

We are based in The Great Tampa Bay Area but we are happy to travel a little further into our neighbor cities!

If you can not find what you are looking for, just sent me a message and I will do my best to get it for you!


and hopefully

you'll enjoy browsing this website!

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I had a little tea party

this afternoon at three

it was very small

three guest in all

just I, myself  and me

myself ate all the sandwiches

while I drank up  the tea;

It was also I who eat the pie

and pass the cake to me

~Jessica Nelson North~

The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties
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